CEO/Chairman of K.Tek International Corporation

A Financial Holding Company

  • During Foundation : Focused mission on the Innovation of Education
  • Forrest E. Berrie Institute : Focused mission on providing the resources and funding that address our honorable Veterans and Issues they and their Families Face
  • Daughtry Family Foundation : Focused mission on Women’s Issues & Domestic Violence
  • Hearts Will Hold Foundation : Focused mission on Behavioral and Mental Health Policy, Practice Protocols, Research, and Innovation


Kimberly K. During, a University of South Florida, College of Business Administration Graduate, BS Business Administration-Accounting, Certified Public Accountant (CPA). And, Benedictine University Graduate, MBA, MS in Organizational Behavior. Kimberly, also, holds a National Non-Profit Management Certification, is the sole owner of 17 National and International diversified Companies and is a proud Mother of four children. Once, named the “Dot Com Mom” by the press, in the mid 90’s. Kimberly currently owns 100% interest in K.Tek International Corp. (a Financial Holding Company) that currently holds the interest of 17 companies and growing, representing diverse markets and industries, including but not limited to, Technology, Retail, Energy and Power Brokering, Local, National, and, International Real Estate, Venture Capital both Nationally and Internationally. Furthermore, established her banner corporate holding, K.Tek Systems, Inc., in 1993 that was the first of its kind in its business model and the core services, inclusive, of a comprehensive offering of Internet Services and Technologies in the Tampa Bay area. Kimberly has, to date, consulted for over 800 businesses, associations and industries on just how to gain a measured Return on Technology Investment in the application of Strategic Vision, Innovation using Internet Based Technologies. Kimberly’s clients are inclusive of Publically Held, Large Privately Held, and Small Business Entrepreneurs.

Born To Be An Entrepreneur And Leader
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Moving Forward Leveraging Two Decades Of Success
Leveraging The Foundation For Success
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Kimberly Dedicates Time To Give Back To The Community
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