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Takira Jackson – General Manager, Wingate Inn – Tampa (colleague)

“Kimberly is someone you want to be associated with. Kimberly competency areas of technical, interpersonal, critical thinking and customer focus.

I am convinced Kimberly has the right vision and product for your business.”

Tom Hallam, Florida Reliability Coordinating Council (colleague)

“Before founding K.Tek, Kimberly worked with me at FRCC. She was always driven, always working at a very fast pace.

No matter what task or project she worked on, she attacked it with the same zeal and intensity to solve the problems she would find along the way.”

Jim Jurewicz – President, GRID TV – The Americas (business partner)

“Kimberly is one of the most diversified woman business owners I have ever engaged with internationally.

I recommend taking the time to get to know all of Kimberly’s companies and attach your wagon; it will be well worth it. Jim”

Joseph Isaacs – (Client)

Joseph hired you as a Business Consultant in 2000 and hired you more than once.
Top qualities: Personable, On Time, Creative

“Kimberly is a great person to work with. She is very knowledgeable and I highly recommend working with her and her company.”

Shelly Anderson, MAS – MedEd Meeting Planner, Cortex Communications (business partner)

“Kimberly is one of the most professional and inspirational women I have had the pleasure to work with.

She has a keen sense of business and is proactive in her projections keeping K.Tek at the forefront of cutting edge technologies. Her boundless energy is reflected in everything she does. I would highly recommend Kim and K.Tek for anyone looking for a proven technology partner.”

Frank Drake – Realtor, GRI, Master Sales Professional, Edina Realty (business partner)

“I’ve known Kimberly During over the last two years. Kimberly is a resourceful and successful CEO of K.Tek Systems.

To me, she has always delivered on everything she has promised. Moreover, Kimberly is a refreshingly honest personality in today’s Business World.”

James Bucolo – Channel Sales Manager, VOLICO Data Centers (business partner)

“Kimberly K. as the CEO and Chairman at K. Tek Systems Inc. / K. Tec International is a very successful and accomplished Business Leader in the Technical Consulting Industry, receiving many awards and recognitions for her Technical knowledge and expertise in providing excellent Consulting Services with leading edge Technologies to Small and Medium Businesses.

She also makes time to get involved in worthy Community and Charitable Organizations, and gives back to those Organizations in her Community, who have greatly benefited from her Leadership Abilities and dedication to these causes. Kimberly K. is to be commended for all she has accomplished and continues to accomplish for the good of her Clients, her Community, and her many Charitable Organizations, and I am honored to provide this recommendation.”

Fraser Botwright – (Client)

Fraser hired you as a Business Consultant in 2010
Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

“Kimberly is a multi-faceted powerhouse of creativity and sensitivity. Her incredible diversity of involvement in so many innovative companies and humanistic causes make her a shining example of a modern, technologically adept and capable leader.

She draws people to her with the sheer impressiveness of her drive and compassion. Her philanthropic, nature and awareness of the special needs of every individual make her a most charismatic and impressive front runner in business. Kimberly’s accomplishments speak volumes about her talents!”

David Atkinson – thinkBIG Branding & Marketing – (business partner)

“Kim During’s resume and list of accomplishments pretty much speak for themselves. She has a true entrepreneurial spirit and succeeds at virtually every endeavor she gets involved in. What most doesn’t know about her is her passion for philanthropy. Kim is one of those leaders that truly cares and gives back to her community. If you’re considering collaborating with Kim and her company, you will definitely be glad you did. If you get involved with Kim in one of her many charitable ventures, you will see first-hand what a difference someone can make in people’s lives.

Very highly recommended on all counts!”