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Darryl Cooper – Partner, SecureXperts (business partner)

“Kimberly is one of those unique individuals that I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with over the past 8 years. She is truly an entrepreneurial phenom.

She provides a plethora of industry knowledge, experience, and technical smarts while always exuding her as the savvy business leader she is.

Kim is very client focused and always looking at the fine details, allowing her to become their “trusted advisor”. I highly recommend Kim and look forwarded to partnering on my next venture.”

Dan Saccavino – Support Center Manager, Catalina Marketing (business partner)

“Kim is an outgoing individual, capable of lighting up a room with her energy.

She has shown herself to be dedicated and enjoys a good challenge – attributes critical to success in today’s work environment. I recommend her to any position that gives her the opportunity to shine.”

Beth Curts – (Client)

Beth hired you as an IT Consultant in 2008
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

“Kim During has consistent high levels of entrepreneurial creativity, proficiency and professionalism, tireless energy, decisive leadership, and passionate determination to give back selflessly to her community – through her time, and her philanthropy.”

Dominic Embley – Director, Projxhub (business partner)

“I had dealings with Kimberley a few years ago and found her to be honest and very professional and would definitely work with her again in the future.”

Paul Duck – Chief Executive Officer, Coastal Orthopedics (business partner)

“Kimberly is one of the smartest, most charismatic and innovative business woman I have ever met.

She is driven by success and is passionate about making a difference in business and in life! Her highly diversified portfolio of companies and many interests make her a well-rounded executive that impresses those that cross paths with her. Her main role as Chief Executive Officer at K.Tek systems positions her as one of the very top business executives in the region. Both the longevity of her company in the information systems and technology sector coupled with her innovative leadership demonstrate both her staying-power as well as what a high-value she is to her clients!”

Rogério Prevedel – Líder de Projetos, Sonda Procwork (business partner)

“I recommend Ms. Kimberly for any work that she propose yourself to work or to act in your own occupation. She a good and honorable person, I ensure!”

Alessandro Savorana (business partner)

Owner, Savorana & Partners – Dottori Commercialisti Associati

“Kimberly is a serious professional, capable and equipped with a high sense of ethics.

Very competent, is able to solve many business problems. A guarantee for each company.”

Kevin McCutcheon | Wealth Manager – Investor – Angel, Mezzanine, Venture and Private Equity, Investor (business partner)

“Kimberly’s background speaks for itself. I look forward to working with her more in the future!”

Karl Thomas – (Client)

Karl hired you as a IT Consultant in 1997 and hired you more than once
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
“Kim, CEO and founder of K.Tek, started developing websites for me in 1997 and continues to be my trusted IT consultant for some 14 years. She and her staff still produce results that outshine the competition who I have briefly tried out always to come back to Kim who gets it done right!

You will not be dissatisfied if you give her your business!”

Christopher Paradies – Vice Chair, TBTF, Tampa Bay Technology Forum (business partner)

“She is an articulate innovator and entrepreneur who also serve her community in so many ways. Kimberly’s passion is apparent in everything that she does.”