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Dave Boos – President / CEO, Cornerstone Consulting, Inc. (business partner)

“Kim is one of the most Amazing women you will ever meet.

Talented in a wide variety of business settings and a tireless leader at whatever she sets out to do. She runs a multitude of solid businesses and has been nominated and won many prestigious awards for her abilities, leadership and accomplishments. If you’re considering working with any of Kim’s many organizations you will be proud of the decision you make to do so. It has been my privilege to know her both as a business owner, partner and as a friend for many years.”

Tess Crowder – President, Executive Director, Communication Access, Inc. (business partner)

“Kimberly During is an amazing woman with more achievements than most people have ever had in a lifetime. She is brilliant and passionate about her work, her life, and most of all, improving the lives of others.”

Robert (Rob) Dandrea – Professional Realtor in Tarpon Springs/Palm Harbor, Future Home Realty (business partner)

“Kimberly is detail focused with a grasp of the big picture. I whole-heartedly recommend her for any position.”

Aparna Tutak – Marketing Manager, K.Tek Systems Inc. (colleague)

“Kimberly is an extraordinary leader. She truly is a visionary whose business insight married with her technical aptitude has made her a formidable presence in the technology field.

She’s able to use her many years of experience to create “guide maps” not only for K.Tek Systems but also for our clients so that they have a strategic plan for incorporating sound business strategies with cutting edge web-based technology solutions. As the CEO of K.Tek, she has always been friendly, welcoming and a great listener to staff recommendations. Kimberly has a wealth of knowledge, stemming from her love of reading every industry case study, whitepaper, newsletter, etc. that comes her way. This shows her long-standing dedication to providing only the best solutions to her clients.”